About Us

Rachel’s Vineyard Twin Cities is an approved non-profit site of Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries.

We offer the Catholic version of Rachel’s Vineyard retreats and women and men of all faiths are welcome to attend. Our weekend team consists of 1-2 priests, a licensed professional counselor, a site leader, and 2-3 team members. Everyone on the team is a volunteer, as we have no paid positions. Our priests and counselors are very gentle and compassionate with a lot of experience in healing ministries.

Who we are

There are 12 team members that take turns serving on the retreat weekends. We come from a variety of backgrounds, ages, marital status, and experiences. We are teachers, lawyers, corporate employees, nurses, administrative assistants, and business owners. Some of us are married, some single, some have children and grandchildren, some have just pets. Meet our team members.

Over a decade of service

Since our first retreat in November of 1999, we have offered more than 40 retreats in the Twin Cities area, served 465+ women and men, and have remembered over 800 babies at our memorial services. We are passionate about Rachel’s Vineyard and know from personal experience that this healing process works. We love serving the women and men who come to us for healing.