Video Testimonials

Click on the following headings for links to video testimonials given by participants and volunteers at our Rachel’s Vineyard Twin Cities’ retreats.

Victoria Johnson: Encountering God’s Mercy

This presentation on Encountering God’s Mercy was given by Victoria Newcome Johnson at Vespers at Lourdes in December 2015.

Victoria Johnson: The Many Facets of Abortion

This presentation was part of the Salt & Light series at Our Lady of Lourdes on January 22, 2017.  Victoria Newcome Johnson spoke on the personal, cultural, legal, and spiritual facets of abortion.

Nancy Blom: A Message from Our Executive Director

This video was recorded in January 2017 for an event at St. Michael’s Church in Prior Lake.

Panel Presentation: Rachel’s Vineyard Healing Process

This panel presentation was part of the Harm, Healing and Wholeness series at Our Lady of Lourdes on January 19, 2020. Nancy Blom, Victoria Johnson, and Fr. Marcus Milless spoke on the Rachel’s Vineyard Healing Process.